The Price of Koa
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The Price of Koa

Recently I was asked why Shelton Pacific’s Koa is so expensive. There are three reasons:

1   Quantity – On an average, about 500,000 board feet (board foot=12”x12”x1”) of Koa is harvested each year.   This isn’t much when you consider the quantity of maple that is harvested each year.  One to two percent of the harvest makes the quality grades offered by Shelton Pacific and most of that is sold to the furniture and musical instrument industry. Our company has been blessed to have a source that can offer us smaller quantities of premium grade Koa.

2  Loss - On the average there is approximately 55% loss to every board foot purchased. Some of the loss is due to lack of figuring, but the most loss is in the process of cutting flitches to blocks.

3  Quality - Koa is commercially one of the most expensive woods in the world.  When you purchase a piece of Shelton Pacific Koa you are, as one of our customers says, buying a “gem”. (he keeps his Koa in his safe) The Koa provided by Shelton Pacific is the best of the best. The figuring and color are of the highest quality and will enhance any design you choose to create. The three dimensional effect of the chatoyance will attract your customer’s eye and add to the beauty of the art you have created.

I hope if you are thinking of purchasing a piece of our Koa this helps you understand what you are truly purchasing. Our saying here at Shelton Pacific is, “It’s not just any Koa, it’s the finest Koa.”

Please take a look at to get an idea what the big sellers of Koa have to say about it.