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Maple - Spalted Burl


Spalted Burl Maple is tree growth in which the grain has grown in chaotic undiscernible directions that has been attacked by specific types of fungi in the process of wood decay. (Please see the descriptions for ‘Burl Maple’ and ‘Spalted Maple.)

As is the nature of burl and spalted burl blocks, there are possibilities of small voids, bark inclusions and/or delamination that can influence the finished product. This cannot be controlled by the seller. If this is a problem for the buyer they may want to contact the seller before purchase.

Sometimes customers have something to say about their experience at Shelton Pacific. Please send comments to sitkastephd@comcast.net, subject; “Comments”.

All wood blocks except for Ringed Gidgee are polymer stabilized.

Please see additional page if it is available.