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Ringed Gidgee


Description  Ringed Gidgee, a member of the Acacia family (same family as Koa), is a unique and rare Australian hardwood that grows in arid regions of Australia resulting in dense hard wood like Desert Ironwood. This slow-growing timber will grow for hundreds of years and produce one of the world’s hardest and most durable woods. This difficult to find hard wood is highly sought after by wood carvers, wood workers and knife makers. According to “The Wood Data Base”, gidgee is classified as the 3rd hardest wood in the world.

Finishing  Gidgee is a naturally ‘oily’ wood and is considered too dense to accept polymer stabilizing agents. That is not to say it will not accept current stabilizing processes. If the wood is subjected to frequent wetting and drying then polymer stabilization may help protect it.

Because of gidgee’s inherent oiliness it is thought that a number of applications of a good quality lacquer or danish oil followed by a hard friction wax (not soft beeswax) then buffed is the recommended method of finishing.