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Koa (acacia koa) the wood of Kings, was found in vast forests on the Hawaii Islands when they were first discovered. Koa may be found other places in the world but acacia koa is the only koa that has the figure with three dimensional appearance in the koa family and is only found on a few of the islands of Hawaii (Kauai, Maui and Hawaii). The Koa tree is a rare beauty with laurel-green, moon-shaped leaves. Mature trees can attain heights of sixty to eighty feet, with enormous trunks which could grow to six to eight feet in diameter.  

Canoes as long as seventy feet were made of a single trunk by ancient Hawaiians. Kamehameha the Great used such canoes in his conquests of the Hawaiian Islands.

Koa, with its rich red and gold colored wood and grain, became known as the Hawaiian mahogany because of the luster of the wood when polished. Figured Koa adorned churches, throwns and palaces throughout the Hawaiian Islands and the world. 

Because of its popularity Koa was overlogged and few of the old growth trees remain. We respect the Hawaiian heritage and are very careful to make sure that the koa you purchase from us is from stumps, blowdowns or trees authorized for removal by the State of Hawaii.