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We will display your creation that is made from any of the material sold to you from Shelton Pacific.

Please tell us your name, name of the work you are submitting and a short description of what you have made. We have the sole right to make the choice to display your work or not.

Thank you for contributing.



 Falcons Edge by Lyle Bronkhorst of Kirkland Washington



Koa hunters by Jesse Latham of Pasco Washington



Mustard finish chef knife by Michael Rader Master Blade Smith



 Rick Lucas of Lost Lake Washington. A master at knife making that keeps a low profile



Knife and sheath by Marcin Bona of Poland. Exquisite work

Marcin endeavors to fashion his sheaths to duplicate the handle material of the knife it will hold



Rick Scott of Missouri contracted a guitar build with a custom guitar maker in Poland. Rick said, "The guys who built the guitar were blown away by the Koa, I had several emails during the build with them praising it, one even said they think it was the best looking guitar they have ever built."



Alexander Nestler-Johnswon - Chocolate Mango Ukulele build by Ferangeli Guitar Handcrafter of  Cebu, Philippines (www.ferangeliguitar.com)