Featured Knife Maker
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Featured Knife Maker

Shelton Pacific's featured knife maker is Jesse Latham

Jesse was born in Ephrata, WA in 1951 and grew up on a small farm outside Basin City, WA where the entertainment was where you found it. Because he and his friends always seemed to manage to lose their pocket knives they were always making something sharp. He made his first real knife (shaped object) in high school from a truck spring. It ended up being a bowie shaped kindling splitter.

After high school Jesse went through trade school in the auto body and welding programs. He is a jack of all trades as a mechanic, welder and working in heavy construction.  At the age of 62, he retired from his job as a public works employee. 

During his working years he made a few blades mostly for folders which were never finished but a visit to the Oregon Knife Collectors show in Eugene, OR ignited a spark. He was invited by a friend to attend the show six years ago but found he had many of the knives being sold and was not interest in buying more.  What started him on his true journey as a knife maker was the custom knives. He went home with a bundle of 2X72 belts. When his wife asked him what they were for his replied, “They are for my knife grinder.” “What knife grinder”, she asked?  “The one I’m going to buy”, he replied. It didn’t take long to buy one and his journey as a custom knife maker began.

At that first show he met several helpful knife makers both Journey and Master Smiths and in subsequently years has gotten critique and helpful instruction which has honed his knife making abilities.  Jesse says, “I find knife makers are the most sharing of knowledge of any artists or craftsmen”.

Jesse recently won Best of show for his chef knife at the Northwest Knife Collector show in Puyallup, Wa.