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Sometimes customers have something to say about their experience at Shelton Pacific. Please send comments to sitkastephd@comcast.net, subject; “Comments”.

Thank you from us at Shelton Pacific



David at DCB Customs                             September 2017

Not at all sir.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your level of service. I’ll most certainly continue to shop with you as often as possible.


Dani at Nora Knives                                 August 2018

The KOA we purchased was beautiful.  No complaints at all. Shipping was fast and communication was great. The Shokwood, as well, never seems to disappoint and I appreciate the multiple pictures that I can see when buying individual blocks.  We also took a chance on the "backyard wood" and love it.  Its a great value for the price.


Scott with a custom guitar build                March 2017

The guys who built the guitar were blown away by the Koa, I had several emails during the build with them praising it, one even said they think it was the best looking guitar they have ever built.  It has gotten a lot of attention on their social media accounts.

(editor note: see the guitar in the Gallery)


Mike at Pierce Knives                                December 2017

I have ordered koa from Shelton Pacific multiple times. The last time I ordered two blocks on a Friday night and my blocks arrived at my door first thing Monday morning. Steve is always fast at shipping and always very friendly on the phone. I have looked all over and have never found a site that consistently has the quality of Shelton Pacific. Steve only carries the very best. His block are stabilized very well. If you have ever bought poorly stabilized wood, you know the frustration. He always post 2 pictures, one of each side, so you know what you are going to get. If you are looking for the best koa on earth, Shelton Pacific is the only choice.


Michael at Rader Blade Works                    December 2017

Thanks for the great Koa.  These pieces are worth more to me than gold and I don't even want to use them on knife handles.  Not doing anyone any good hidden under my mattress though - ha ha.  I'll buy more... lot's more.


Ian at Haburn Knives

Got the blocks today, two days early, and beautiful as always!!


Kyle at K H Daily Knives

Thanks for the great products!  You will see these getting used on my KHDailyKnives Instagram/Facebook page.


Mike Resler                                               December 2018

I made the knife handle with a piece of curly maple burl I bought from you. I have been making knives for about five years. A friend of mine, Jason Knight, a Master Smith, inspired me to get into the art. I do not forge my own blades; my craft is the handles and the leather. Jason has forged several blades for me, and I often buy knife blanks from various distributors also. Let me know if this knife is worthy of being featured. I am looking at your exhibition grade koa blocks, but may need to craft my first koa handle from one of your hobby varieties to get the feel for that particular species. I will be purchasing those from you soon.


Howard at Baltimore Steel                         December 2018

Thank you for all your help with my order above. You guys are flat out great! Because of your help I received my order so quickly and was able to get one sold knife out the door and the other one well on its way to completion. This was hands on customer service and I really appreciate it. The knives came out great. Pics will follow. /this is a business of nice, helpful people. That Shelton Pacific can stand out among good suppliers says a lot. Thank you for being one of my suppliers. My web page is baltimoresteelknifemakers.com. Please note that I have Shelton Pacific hypertexed on the bottom of the main page. I send all my customers there directly. Best Regards, Howard Friedman