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About Us

leaning-against-a-tree-2.jpg  I'm Steve Hughes and for the past several years we have been making available some of the most beautiful Koa in the country, outside of Hawaii that is.   

  My wife Linda, our dog Charlotte (Charlie) and I live on five acres of some very enviable land.  I say enviable because two of these acres were planted with hybrid and exotic rhododendrons in the late 1960s and early 70s and the bloom can be quite spectacular in the spring.



Charlotte is our chocolate Labrador/border collie mix who is not happy until she can herd us into the same proximity, inside or outside.  She is pretty laid back unless you say ride then she is ready to tear down the door to get to the car.  


 We have several permanent resident like chickidees chickadee-edit.jpg ,

squirrels squirrel-edit.jpg 

and our demon chipmonk chippy-2-edit.jpg that entertain us year-round.

Then there are the many visitors that drop by for a handout like this Hummingbird hummingbird-1-edit.jpg and Evening Grosbeak. evening-grossbeak-edit.jpg

Thank you very much for visiting our site. 

Steve Hughes