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Short Introduction to Koa


Hello custom knife makers, instrument makers, pen turners and any and all wood workers that appreciate some of the most beautiful wood in the world. Acacia Koa, a species of flowering tree in the pea family that is native to and only found in the Hawaiian Islands. In the early 1970s laws were passed in Hawaii to preserve the koa forests that had been pillaged in the previous 200 years of logging. Unfortunately, the availability of this most beautiful wood has been diminishing yearly. There are just so many sources and they are nearly exhausted since harvest is limited to reclaimed stumps, old logs and any broken limbs or blow-down trees.

We sell world-wide only guaranteed legally harvested wood so please don’t hesitate to visit our Shelton Pacific website at www.stores.sheltonpacific.com to order.

All wood blocks found on the Shelton Pacific website, except ringed gidgee, are polymer stabilized by either K&G or WSSI, two of the most accepted wood stabilizers in the United States.

Shelton Pacific Wood also has available other wood types such as stabilized maple, spalted maple burl and mango, which are available through us, your go-to small wood company specializing in the on-time delivery of guaranteed top quality woods whenever and wherever you need it.

In addition to stabilized woods we also have a large selection of ShokWood™ and ResWood™ by Beyond Wood Products.