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Koa Wood Blanks: An Ideal Choice for Custom Knife Handles


Koa wood is often considered as one of the most exotic wood in the world by woodworkers and wood dealers. Using koa in creating instruments, furniture and other wood creations makes a world of difference to their quality and appearance.

Koa trees are native to Hawaii and is theorized that the parent seeds had floated from the Tahitian Islands and established themselves to become amongst the most desired woods in the world. Concerning price, you may find the cost of exotic koa to be a little more expensive than other types used in creating similar products, but it is worth every dollar. The cost of exotic koa wood for sale is often determined by the premium curl and color that it features. True admirers of exotic koa don’t usually pay much attention to the cost - they are more concerned about its quality.

As it doesn’t grow anywhere else in the world, koa from Hawaii has a special place in the heart of people who prefer high-quality wood. If you ask expert woodworkers or suppliers who have been dealing in wood products for a long time, you’ll learn that koa makes it to the list of the most splendid wood found anywhere in the world. Its color, variance and the chatoyance it musters cannot be compared to any other type of wood. Products made out of it are extremely beautiful - it feels that they are being illuminated by light from all angles - it is natural to be mesmerized by the beauty it offers.

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